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     Shanghai ProMega Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer producing qualified products and equipment in printing and packaging industry. Our company was established in 2008. We have 1 steel rule factory in Shanghai producing all kinds of steel rules, punches, ejection rubber, jigsaw blades, pins, doctor blade and creasing matrix in the Cutting formes industry. 


     Our main products are related to the Diecutting industry like Auto Bender, Laser cutter, Jigsaw machine, Diecutting machine, Hot stamping machine, Sampler maker, as well the machines in the after printing area such as Folder gluer, Guillotine machine, Laminator, Booking binding like cover machine, grooving machine, cardboard cutting machine, Dieboard making tools and consumables in Packaging and Printing industry.


     We are specialized in the Diecutting industry which we can provide complete resolution of setting up a Dieshop for making Cutting formes and Block making for hot stamping or embossing areas. With our Auto Bender and Laser cutter, manual tools, users can set up or upgrade dieshop easily and raise efficiency greatly. We can provide not only the machines to set up dieshop, but also the software and management for this purpose.


     Our company provide products to the world famous companies like GE Healthcare in Ireland and Norway, Cardinal Singapore, Apolo LTDA in Brazil, Kano Company Limited (Sandvik sole agent in Thailand)


     Our main products as follows:



(Flat rule like Cutting rule/Creasing rule/Perforating rule, Cut-Crease rule/Wave rule/Zipper rule/Glue Flap rule; Rotary rule like Triangle teeth/Euro Cut/KK/Laser Crease/Tru Fold in shape SN, SNN, Curved)


(Korean style like YDWS with/without auto lipping/Japanese style like Mutli bender with/without broaching/Japanese and Korean combination style like Korean stick bending for small angle and Japanese panasonic servo driver feeding)


  • Laser cutting machine


(For Dieboard 18mm plywood Big power laser 1000W/1500W/2000W Rofin style by using 3 mixed gas from Gasket/400W or 600W laser by using CO2 laser tube/ Craft cutting laser by using 80W to 150W CO2 laser tube/ Laser marking machine by using 30W, 80W, 150W Rofin or Synrix laser tube)


  • Diecutting and Hot stamping machine


(Semi auto machine with heavy duty body and pressure, with beam protection and auto oil pump/ Fully auto machine like Bobst with/without stripping)


  • Folder gluer


(Folder gluer with stand box pasting and crash bottom function/ 4 corner or 6 corner Folder Gluer/ Corrugation carton folding and pasting )


  • Guillotine machine 


(Similar to Polar style, LCD touch screen and program control, single or duel hydraulic driving)


  • Laminator


(Semi auto model with manual feeding with auto stop function and auto separating function/ Fully auto model with auto feeder, auto separate and vibrating collector)



  • Sample maker


(Sample maker like CNC router to Cardboard, Corrugation, Foam)




     We are dedicated to not only provide high quality machines and consumables, but also complete resolution as per clients' requirement. We focus on the after sales service to build up fainth on our products. We believe in High quality with Reasonable prices to make all our clients get benefit by choosing our products and services.

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Shanghai ProMegaTrading Co.,Ltd. is dedicated in the Printing and Packaging industry since 2008. We have been exporting more than 300 kinds of products to many countries and areas such as India, Brasil, Chile, Middle East, U.A.E and so on.


We are selling our products to GE Healthcare in Ireland and Norway, Cardinal Healthcare in Singapore, Apolo LTDA. in Brazil and Kano Company Limited (Sandvik sole agent in Thailand).

Shanghai ProMega Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai ProMega Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai ProMega Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai ProMega Trading Co., Ltd.
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Trading Company


Brands : ProMega

No. of Employees : 20~30

Annual Sales : 3000000-4000000

Year Established : 2008

Export p.c : 90% - 100%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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