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We have associated factories as below:


1. Guillotine machine factory, it has 6000 square meters of 4 work shops, producing CE certified guillotine machine airming at Polar standard. 


2. Diecut machine factory, it has 10,000 square meter of 2 work shops, 1 is for Manual diecut (hot stamping), 1 is for Auto diecut (hot stamping). We follow the standard like Bobst, both models have CE certificate. 


3. Auto bender factory, it has the capapcity of 10 sets per week, with CE certificate. 


Our cutting blade factory doesn OEM for many brands like Funai, Uni-Cut, Horse, etc. We can not only print the brand or logo on the body of the steel rule, but also print the box for the big quantity and regular order. 


Our cutting rule factory has capacity of 20000M/day, packing can be 1000mm/pcs of 100M/coil packing. 


We have our special team to do R&D for our cutting rule and machines. We are upgrading to the grinding machine to make the grinded edge instead of the shaved edge. Our auto bender is a combination of Korean Easy bender and Japanese Multi bender, to absorb the advantage of both model. Our guillotine machine has double hydraulic pump to cut thicker and harder material such as grey board, 5 engineers are always focusing on the World famous brand innovation to upgrade our own model. Our auto diecut machine has upgraded to with Stripping function with more accurate positioning and faster speed and easier adjustment of the pressure



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