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380V 415V Pre Press Equipment High Speed Layer Corrugated Paper Board Production Line

380V 415V Pre Press Equipment High Speed Layer Corrugated Paper Board Production Line

Pre Press Machine

Paper Cutting Machine

Place of Origin:

Hebei, China

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CE ISO 9002

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Product Details
Machine Purpose:
Corrugation Carton Production
380V, 415V
Flute Type:
A,B,C,D,E Flute
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
USD 200000 to 600000 per set
Packaging Details
Wood case, steel pallet, need 4 to 8 FCL 40HQ
Delivery Time
45 to 60 days
Supply Ability
5 sets per month
Product Description

High Speed Layer Corrugated Paper Board Pre Press Equipment Production Line



CORRUGATOR--Type: WJ1800-150-5 layer


ZJ-V5 Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

– Support two Dia.1500mm paper mill roll

– Including track and trolley for carry paper mill roll

2 Preheater (RG) Ø 600mm 2 SETS
3 Pre-condition Ø 600mm 2 SETS

Fingerless Single Facer (SF-320c)

– Corrugating roller Dia.320mm, with drum.

– Press roller Dia.325mm, with drum.

-- Gimbal driver system

– Touch screen and PLC control system

-- Complete glue unit controlled by touch screen


Double Overhead Bridge

– Double vacuum tension control

– Electric paper way control

6 Triplex Preheater (RG) Ø900mm 1 SET

GM-C Duplex Glue Machine

-- Glue roller embossed and plated treatment

--Independent driver system

--Touch screen and PLC control system


Double Baker Facer (SM-C)

– Including quality cotton belt 1set

– including drive roll stand

-- including16pcs (16x600MM) heating plates

-- complete cover and including complete press bar


Thin blade Slitter Scorer ZQS

– 4 set slitter knives and 6 sets corer wheel

– automatic grinding knives


Double N.C Helical Cross Cutter

– With full Germany servo Computer system

– Keeping 999 order


Double Paper Sheet Delivery

– with automatic calculation computer

– the max. Paper delivery length 3000mm

12 Internal Steam Pipe System 1 SET
13 Internal Electric System 1 SET
14 Glue Making System 1 SET


OPTION N.C slitter scorer (computerized)
  --Full servo motor and servo control
  --4 out,5 set slitter knives and 8 sets corer wheel

-- “zero” scorer lines



  1. Max. paper width:
  1. Max. Width of corrugating roll
  1. Max. speed of machine
  1. Economic speed of production
  1. Flute TYPE:
B,C, E
  1. Steam consumption:

Working. pressure:

Max. pressure




  1. Power requested:
  1. Total power:
  1. Total length of line:
75 meters.



※Main specification of production line


TYPE:WJ150-1800-Ⅱcorrugated paper board production line

1, Max. width of paperboard:1800mm

2, Design speed:150mm/min

3, Economic speed:120-130m/min

remark:paper request as follow:(Surface temperature of equipment not lower than172℃)﹡paper grade not lower than B grade﹡paper moisture:11%±2%

﹡ liner paper:100—250g/m2
﹡ corrugated paper:100—200g/m2

4, Flute:C,B,E(according to user’s request)

5, Steam request:

﹡ steam capacity:3000Kg/Hr

﹡ steam pressure:1.25Mpa

﹡ working steam pressure:0.8-1.1Mpa

6, electric power:380V 50Hz 3 phase

7, total power:about 180KW working power request:about 140KW ( full speed )

8, work shop request:80m×15m×8m(according to foundation drawing )

9, paper direction:according to user’s request



User prepare parts


1, boiler:3000Kg/Hr steam boiler one set pressure 1.25 Mpa steam pipe

2, air compressor,air pipe,glue pipe

3, electric power, electric cable and pipe from main power to control cabinet

4, water,water pipe and water pail

5, foundation of water, electric power and air

6, paper, starch, caustic soda and borax

7, machine oil, lubricate oil and cream, hydraulic oil.

8, room and board for installation engineers and labor for installation.



Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand



Pneumatic brake and spring clutch



Max. working width 1800mm
Min. working width 900mm
Max. paper mill dia 1500mm
Max working pneumatic pressure: 0.6-0.9Mpa
Power requirements: 380V,50Hz
Length of track for carry paper mill 6000mm


Machine Introduction:

* Swing type.

* Max. paper roll dia.: 1500mm


* Clamping paper roll, moving right-left, arms up-down and paper roll rotation is hydraulic operated.

* Support two paper rollers in the meantime, one is working, and another is for sparepart.

* Adopts “Spring clutch”.

* Paper tension controlled by pneumatically operated disc brake, setting the tension easily.






Max. working width 1800mm
Max working steam pressure: 1.0-1.3Mpa
Steam temperature 160—210centigrade
Power requirements: 380V,50Hz
Diameter of heating roller 600/900mm
Wrap angle adjust range 360degree
Wrap roller diameter 115mm


Machine Introduction:


* Accurate grinding and chromed the surface of heating roller and wrap roller, smooth and shining.
* Heating roller adopts professional manufacturer product, passed the nation pressure vessel text.

* Heating roller and wrap roller adopts plating treatment.

* Motorized wrap angle can be suit for different speed; Exact preheating result can be adjusted, preheating area be adjusted by electrical motor

* Wrap roller: 2sets, one fix roller, and other one floating roller.

* Adopts butterfly seal structure on two sides, save the steam and improve heating efficiency.

* Adopts special sealing method, follow firstly grade sealing method in China, passed the China sealing text, with certificate.


High Speed Fingerless Type Single Facer SF 320C








* Gimbal driver system. Individual gear type drive box





Max. machine speed 150m/min
Economic speed 130m/min
Max. working width 1600mm
Max working steam pressure: 1.0-1.3Mpa
Steam temperature 160—210 centigrade
Power requirements: 380V,50Hz
Diameter of corrugated roller 320mm
Diameter of Press roller. 325mm.
Diameter of preheater roller 360mm
Diameter of Glue roller 242mm
Diameter of doctor roller 125mm



Machine Introduction:


-- DesignSpeed:150m/min

-- Corrugated roller:φ320mm

— Fingerless vacuum suction type single facer, the upper and lower corrugated roller made of 48CrMo alloy steel, with hard treatment, the hardness is above HRC58o-60o. The surface is well treated by grind and plated chrome.

– Upper and lower corrugated roller are unit assemblage, the whole corrugated rollers group can be move and quick replacement, to change flute type quickly.

– Glue section are unit assemblage, whole section can be moved by track, save maintenance time.

– Frequency conversion motor as main drive, independent gear box connect with three gimbal axis, Inverter to make step less speed regulation for save power, and to keep one communication connector for production management

– Oil immersed type lubricating to reduce noise keep running stable, prolong the use life of gear.

-- Adopt Glue width motorized dividing to match the paper width. Idle running motor for glue applicator roll avoids glue dry. Adjustment for gap between glue roller and doctor roller by electric or manual are optional, Digital read out for the gap between glue roll and doctor roll is optional.

-- Adjustment for corrugated roller, pressure roller, and glue roller by pneumatic system.

-- With preheater for liner paper and steam spray device for medium paper

-- Bearing for corrugated rollers and pressure roller adopt high-temperature lubricating grease to keep running smoothly and durably.


Over head Bridge

-- vacuum tension control—Electric paper way control


GM-C Duplex Gluer Machine (PLC and Touch screen system)







Max. machine speed 150m/min
Economic speed 120--150m/min
Max. working width 1800mm



Max working steam pressure: 1.0-1.3Mpa
Steam temperature 160—210centigrade
Power requirements: 380V,50Hz
Diameter of glue roller 269mm
Diameter of preheater roller 380mm
Diameter of doctor roller 140mm


Machine Introduction:

- High precision engraved applicator roll ensure uniform glue application and less glue consumption

- Pressing roller type with high manufacture efficiency, pneumatic control, easy and fast to operate.

- Auto-circulating glue feeding system is applied to avoid glue depositing

- Independent inverter motor control driver.

- The self-preheating device speeds up glue gelling and create a stronger glue bond






Max. machine speed 180m/min
Economic speed 150m/min
Max. working width 1800mm
Max working steam pressure: 1.0-1.3Mpa
Steam temperature 160—210centigrade
Power requirements: 380V,50Hz
Width of heating plate 600mm
Number of heating plate 16pcs
Press bar system Full press bar
Diameter of press roller 60mm
Thickness of belt 10mm


Machine Introduction:

* Heating plate: 1900mm (L)×600mm(W)×180mm(H)×16pcs

Made of steel plate, polish plate.

* Steam pipe for heating plate, divided into 6 sections respectively.

* The heating temperature for each section can be controlled independently.

* For adjusting the tension of upper cotton belt with : one set pneumatic adjusting device,

Air cylinder: dia.160mm x 250mm stroke.

* For adjusting the tension of lower cotton belt with : one set manual adjusting device.

* For guiding the upper cotton belt with : one set electric adjusting device.


* Upper roller: dia.640mm×1900mm (L) wrapped by wear-resisting asbesto scloth.

* Lower roller: dia.640mm×1900mm (L) wrapped by wear-resisting asbestos cloth.

* Cotton belt pinch roller: dia.320mm×1900mm(L)×2pcs One roller each for upper and lower, wrapped by wear-resisting asbestos cloth.

* Dip-feed lubrication system for gear box.

-- COTTON BELT 1SET Thickness 10mm Max. Working temperature 220 centigrade





Width 1850mm
Power of motor 8.8kw(4electricmotory)
Contour dimensions 2640mm×1040mm×2200mm
Slitting mode 4 blade
Dinting number 6 lines
Max. Slitting width 1850mm
Min. Slitting width 125mm
Assembly line speed 80-150m/min
Min. Dinting width 50mm
Auto Anti-Deviating ±70mm


Machine Introduction:

- This type of machine is specially for the assembly line instead of old types litter score rmachine.

- Ensuring synchronization running with the assembly line

- To slitting carton side is tidy, straight, smooth and non-crushable.

- The blades can be sharpened either manually or automatically.

- Each blade can be controlled individually.

- Colorful touch screen operation monitor, easy operation and visual monitor.

- Automatic anti-deviating, the whole machine can be move left and right to reduce much more waste products




N.C SLITTER SCORER (Computerized)—Full servo motor and servo control



-- Instant Setting: Individual motor drive each blade and wheel during set-up – Automatic order change can be accomplished with slitter scorers – Computerized tools set-up –999 orders storage capacity

– Motorized web deviation correcting or automatic photo cell web control (mark slit ---- for pre-printing production line)

-- Automatic blade – grinding device – Automatic tool lubricating system

-- Automatically synchronizing with the line with the assistance of computer monitoring system PLC control

-- Main motor as well as tool set – up motors is variable frequency controlled


-- Thin blades, W6 or hard alloy G8, heat-treated with hardness more than 62HRC – Surface hard chrome –  plated scoring wheels

-- Electrical parts to be TE (America), OMRON (Germany), SIEMENS (Germany) or FATEK (Taiwan)

-- Male-to-female scoring rofile – Shredder with pendent side trim suction device – ZEROS corer








Width 1800mm
Cutting length 500—9999mm
Order keeping 999orders
Cutting precision ±1mm
Knife roller diameter 210mm
Max. design speed 150m/min
Economic speed 150m/min
Motor Full AC servo.
Network System Computer can link to Auto CorrManagement system, But the information of existing management system should be provide by User Display: -- Present order no. length, sheet quantity –Next order no, length, sheet quantity -- Speed, actual length, set length, preset order – Sheet pass quantity, sheet fail quantity


Machine Introduction:

-- Machine speed:150m/min.

-- Cutting length: 500mm-9999mm.

-- Cutting precision:±1mm.

-- Uses the independent oil pump and the filter coordinate two groups of copper tubes to distribute in various gears position for the oil, the lubrication and cooling.

-- Helical knife structure, type saw tooth knife, decreases cutting obstruction, low noise.

-- Balance treatment: high quality alloy steel for blades haft, which helps to keep it good stability.

-- Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and the rear conveyer. The transporting is stable and with even pressure, which avoid jam caused or broken cardboard.

-- This type of Cut-off just consumes the one of third energy compare with the common cutter with its especial structure.

-- Exact and adjustable on gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly. Running balanceable.

-- Computer system to keep order. Man-machine conversation system NC. Automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specification and matching. The screen displays various production messages. Consult, modification, super addition and cancel order can be carried during running machine.

-- Germany Serve control system inside of cabinet, to keeping the machine running fast and stable


Double Paper Sheet Delivery380V 415V Pre Press Equipment High Speed Layer Corrugated Paper Board Production Line 0




Glue Making System

380V 415V Pre Press Equipment High Speed Layer Corrugated Paper Board Production Line 1



Specification: Horizontal mixer: 1 set, 950L Carrier pot: 1 set, 350L Glue making storage pot: 1 set, 1000L Single facer storage pot: 2 sets (5 layer production line) Single facer transport glue pot: 2 sets (5 layer production line) Gluing machine storage pot: 1 set Gluing machine transport pot: 1 set


Machine Introduction:

  1. Supply starch adhesive for single facer machines and gluing machine. Automatic recycle type.
  2. Horizontal mixer could confects the main glue and carrier glue and then mix them enough with large volume.
  3. Glue pump transport the glue from glue making storage pot, supply enough glue for each single facer and gluing machine.
  4. The storage pot and supply pot all equipped with mixing device, preventing glue from depositing.
    5 Glue making part include Carrier pot, main pot, storage pot, supply pump and return pump
    6. Adopts automatic recycle supply glue, surplus glue return to the glue pot, automatic glue level control, the return pumped to the storage pot with self-pump, do automatic self-circle, avoiding glue gelling and solidifying in the glue pan.

7. After finish manufacture, surplus glue returns to glue pot for next time to use.

8. Manufacturer supply gluing making method.

Internal Electric System Specification: Working power: 380V, 50Hz Control power: 220V, 50Hz Could according to buyer’s local to adjust, adopts local electric standard products. System Introduction:

1. Main control part included single facer machines, double facer, thin blade slitters corer, NC cut off; make whole production line coordination control

2. Pneumatic control and electric control composed ensure whole line control’s technical advancement.

3. Each machine group all had independent control and coordination control two system, could meet different requirements in separately operateor combine operate. Easy for operate.

4. Production line equipped with alarm system, coordinate the work between the operators.

5. Each machine all could show other separately machine’s working speed.

Internal Steam System (inner pipe) Specification: Boiler: 3 ton (boiler and main steam pipe from boiler to workshop byuser) Boiler Max pressure: 1.3 Mpa Working pressure: 1.0 — 1.1 Mpa Pipe line inner temperature: 160-210 centigrade Pipe diameter for entry and exit: 48mm, 32mm System Introduction:

1. Supply heating source for whole production line, ensure temperature and pressure stable.

2. Each machine group supply steam separately independent, easy to adjust and save energy.

3. Adjusted the pressure to control work temperature, with meter to watch details.

4. Each drain unit with emptying device, make the cool after finish manufacture.

5. Each pipe adopts seamless steel pipe, ensure safety in manufacturing.

6. Each pipe surface lacquering anti-rust paint and aluminum powder, do stain proofing treatment.


Installation and training:

-- 20 days for installation, seller will dispatch 1-2 engineers to buyer’s factory for install the corrugated paper board production line.

-- 15 days for training operator

-- The forklift, electric power, electric cable from maine lectric control cabinet to corrugated paperboard production line control cabinet should bear ranged by buyer.

-- steam heating boiler will be arranged by buyer before installation.


-- Foundation drawing will be sent to Buyer after get advance payment.


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