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Dieboard PLC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1000W / 1500W / 2200W

Dieboard PLC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1000W / 1500W / 2200W

1500W Laser Cutting Machine

Dieboard Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

PLC Co2 Laser Cutter

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CE, ISO 9002

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Product Details
Product Name:
Laser Cutting Machine
Dieboard Cutting
Laser Source:
Fast Flow Generator
Laser Power:
Effective Cutting Area:
Gas Used:
CO2, Nitrogen, Helium
Plywood Thickness:
Max. 50mm
Cutting Accuracy:
+/- 0.05mm/m
Controlling System:
Moving Controlling Card/NC PA System
Transmission System:
Screw Guide THK Japan
Driving System:
X,Y, Z Axis Servo Driver Yaskawa Japan
Supporting Design Format:
380V/415V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
Cooling System:
Big Power Chiller
Size Of Machine:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
USD 64000 - 88800/SET
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Laser Cutting Machine With 2200W Fast Flow Generator 1.8M/Min Speed For Dieboard Making



  Laser cutting machine detailed configuration and parameters



1. The machine tool adopts a gantry structure design, which makes the machine tool more stable and reliable, and has a small size.


2. Metal and non-metal automatic switching laser cutting machine, truly realize one machine for multiple uses.


3. Using precision ball screw and linear guide as transmission elements, high accuracy, fast speed, maximum running speed (no load) 24m / min, positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm / m, repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm.


4. Using PA laser special numerical control system, combining the laser and the machine tool control system into one. With the development of HMI, CNC, and PLC, according to the most advanced method in the world, using WINDOWS as the operating platform, independently developed laser-oriented cutting The machine's operating system integrates laser cutting proprietary energy control functions, machine operation functions, laser operation functions, expert cutting process library, remote diagnosis and other functions.


5. Equipped with dedicated CAD / CAM automatic programming and automatic nesting software, which is convenient for drawing and programming in production, and saves raw materials to the maximum extent, and customizes special functions of the cutting process.


6. Simultaneous dust removal system for the upper and lower areas is adopted. The cutting waste is dropped from the hopper into the waste car, which is convenient for the operator to clean it regularly.


7. US LASERMECH capacitive sensor (cut metal), cutting head with drawer-type focusing lens holder, it is very convenient to replace and clean lenses; it can be interchanged with 7.5 ″ and 5 ″ lenses, and can be changed to the board at any time during the cutting by the panel knob. Face distance to ensure cutting quality. Added cutting head collision protection.


8. Adopt closed light path and positive pressure dust removal to ensure lens life.


9. All the gas circuit components are imported components. The design is advanced and reliable. It can be equipped with three different cutting gases at the same time and can be freely selected. At the same time, the pressure of the panel can be changed at any time during the cutting. The entire pneumatic system adopts a high pressure resistant design. When cutting stainless steel plates, the nitrogen pressure can reach 2.0Mpa, which ensures the stability of the pneumatic system and thus the quality of the cutting section.


10. Unique laser cutting proprietary technology, high-speed response laser power slope adjustment, automatic nozzle cleaning, high-speed punching, frog jumping motion, repositioning and back cutting.


Laser cutting machine model:HY-2512-S2200

  1. Related technical parameters of this model:

max. cutting size

2500×1250 mm
X axis 2550 mm
Y axis 1250 mm
 Z axis 100 mm

X and Y axis position accuracy

±0.03/m mm
X and Y position repeat accuracy ±0.02/m mm
 Table max. moving speed 24 m/min
Generator Different power  
Movement way Fixed gantry type machine, mixed light structure  
Driving way Precision ball screw + linear guide  
Safety protection Fully enclosed protection of the cutting area

With comprehensive safety interlock protection

CNC system PA

Imported from Germany (not Hans laser’s made in China)

Cutting head crash protection

Protect the Z-axis mechanism  


Exhaust smoke and dust  
Scrap collection trolley  
Electric control cabinet is sealed against dust and moisture  
Work area lighting  
Work warning ribbon  
Extended functions General software and hardware interfaces are reserved for subsequent intelligent production  

Laser installation method

  1. Device detailed configuration list
Bed frame

Interspersed welding, the whole furnace annealing.

CNC system

German PA laser high-performance CNC system


(1)with 15 ″ color flat display

(2)Internal distance adjustment function

(3)Adaptive read-ahead function

(4)Advanced adaptive adjustment technology

(5)Laser energy control function

Servo drive Yaskawa
Precision ground screw Japan THK rail lubrication and seal protection system
Linear Guides Japan THK Precision Linear Ball Guide

Japan NSK Precision Thrust Angle Bearings

Laser cutting head Independent design with special function to extend the life of focusing lens
Pneumatic Components

Imported SMC, Airtac


(1)Pressure reducing valve

(2)Throttle valve, check valve, ball valve

(3)Pressure relay


(5)Solenoid valve

(6)Three major pieces of pneumatic

Three gas automatic conversion systems, directly controlled by the process library, high pressure cutting system


Laser technical characteristics

    1) The internal structure of the DH-2200W industrial CO2 laser is more compact and small in size, which facilitates the installation of the whole       machine.


2) The imported Roots pump has the advantages of small size, stable performance, perfect protection system and can work at higher frequencies.


3) Unique all-digital technology switching power supply excitation, high efficiency, small size, small internal consumption, no water cooling, power saving, and low operating cost. Modular switching power supply design, oil-immersed protection for high voltage part. Very good solution to insulation problems. Each channel can work independently in control.


4) The resonant cavity support frame produced by the introduction of German company technology has good stability and no hidden dangers of high-pressure sparks. It is not necessary to align the discharge tubes and electrodes for maintenance and replacement.



 performance Parameter
 wave length 10.6um
Rated output power 1500W
Output power Max. ≥1600W
Output power stability ≤±2% Continuous

Continuous wave output power adjustable range

Spot size 18mm

TEM10* 45 ° linear polarization to the horizontal plane

Adjustable range of pulse frequency 0—1KHz
Pulse width adjustable range 100us—CW
power supply

AC 380V±5%, 50Hz 3phase,ground, 18KVA

Cooling water


The minimum temperature must be above the dew point

Solid impurities:≤50um

Maximum water hardness: 15 degrees (German standard)

Ambient temperature 12℃—30℃
environment humidity ≤75%
Gas consumption

≤35NL/h Purity:99.996%

Reduced gas consumption if output power is reduced

External working interface of laser working status and power external control system  Digital switching signal
Output power external control 0-10V Analog signal
Same light path indication Yes
Way of working (CW),(GatedPulse)


Training and Technical service

Warranty: 1 year


During the warranty period, if the contract product is damaged or cannot operate normally due to our manufacturing processes and materials, we will be responsible for repairing the contract product for free. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of final acceptance of the contract product or 13 months from the date of shipment (first come first served).Consumables (optical devices, safety blocks, ceramic bodies, cutting tips, lubricants, etc.) are normal consumables in daily work, regardless of the warranty period.


The above price does not include international shipping costs and international tickets for technicians. If the laser tube needs to be replaced during the one-year warranty of the entire machine, we are responsible for domestic shipping costs, and international shipping costs are paid by the customer.




Laser key components list (TOP GRADE)

No. Name Manufacturer Country
  Turbopump BECKER Germany
  Vacuum pump LEYBOLD Germany
  Resonant cavity adjustment end plate ROFIN-SINAR Tech Germany
  Squirrel cage fan   Germany
  Power Probe   IMPORTED
  Touch screen DELTA/HITECH Taiwan
  Lens and Mirror II-VI USA
  Switching power supply ROFIN-SINAR Tech Germany


Dieboard PLC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1000W / 1500W / 2200W 0

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Dieboard PLC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1000W / 1500W / 2200W 5Dieboard PLC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1000W / 1500W / 2200W 6



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