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Red / Yellow / Blue white Cloth Articial flowers for Decoration

Material: Plastic, Cloth, Steel

Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Etc.

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Cup Glass Artcraft with different shape and color for Fashionable decoration

Material: Glass

Shape: Bottle, Cup, Vase

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Diamond Custom Shape Porcelain Vase And Plates For Decoration

Material: Porcelain

Purpose: Decoration

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N35 Nickel Chronized Magnetic block for locking purpose 20x2.0/20x5x2mm

Magnetic Power: N35

Coating: Nickel Chronized

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Cutting Stick wavy Polar 115 , Walenberg , Ito guillotine machine

Material: Plastics

Colour: Red And Gray

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0.15mm-0.30mm Pre Sensitized Positive PS Plate Aluminum for Offset Printing

Material: Aluminum

Use: Offset Printing

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Photoengraving Magnesium plate AZ31B for etch die 1.5x1000x500mm block making plate

Application: Printing Plate

Material: Magnesium

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Guillotine knife paper cutting knife alloyed edge or HSS edge for Polar 115, ITO guillotine machine

Material: Alloyed Steel Or HSS Steel

Brand Name: Diamond

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BOPP Anti - scratch Thermal Lamination Films Post press Consumable Items For Laminator Machine

Material: BOPP Or BOPP+EVA

Thickness: 15 Micron, 18 Micron, 14 Micron, 16 Micron 20 Micron

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Post - press Soft Touch Thermal Lamination Films Matte For Laminator Machine

Material: BOPP Or BOPP+EVA

Thickness: 14 Micron, 15 Micron, 16 Micron, 18 Micron 20 Micron

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Laminator Machine EVA Thermal Lamination Film Gloss And Matte

Material: BOPP+EVA

Thickness: 18 Micron, 20 Micron, 25 Micron, 27 Micron

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PET Thermal Lamination Films / Bopp Laminating Film Roll 00 to 1820 mm Width

Material: BOPP+EVA

Thickness: 12 Micron, 14 Micron, 16 Micron, 20 Micron

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