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Photoengraving Magnesium plate AZ31B for etch die 1.5x1000x500mm block making plate

Photoengraving Magnesium plate AZ31B for etch die 1.5x1000x500mm block making plate

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Etch Die 2015

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Product Details
Printing Plate
Chemical Composition:
Magnesium Alloyed Metal
Fast Etching:
Less Acid
Lighter Than Zinc And Copper:
Clear Cut
More Film Exposure At Same Time:
Red Photo Sensitive Coating
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
10 pcs
USD 35.8-108.6 per piece
Packaging Details
Packed in wood case of 1080X560X400MM
Delivery Time
10-20 days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
8000 pcs per month
Product Description

Photoengraving Magnesium plate AZ31B for etch die 1.5x1000x500mm block making plate


etching easier lighter 
impression 20% higher than zinc copper 
clearer cut 
less acid required 
double film exposure same time 


Magnesium plate proportion of small, light weight , thermal conductivity , heat transfer and heat dissipation, high surface hardness, stripping easy ; and etched magnesium plate in bronzing process, almost no distortion , high resistance rate ; etched magnesium plate corrosion rate fast , slope neat, good continuity , smooth edges .
Magnesium plate as corrosion of metallic material has many advantages , making etched magnesium plate in the world , in printing, packaging, plate , decoration and so on in the field , are widely used.

In the paper packaging industry , etched magnesium plate is used as a gold foil version and embossing plate . Same size templates , relatively light weight magnesium board , transportation, installation , sticky boards are convenient. Heat capacity than the etched magnesium plates , good bronzing effect, bright gold , patterned fine and shiny.

In particular, the magnesium plate stamping faster than copper , zinc plate number , resistance rate 20% higher than copper , and can effectively improve the processing speed , saving labor costs.
In the wine industry, paper packaging , etched magnesium plate can be used as a template hit concave and gilding , its good resistance rate and heat transfer rate , can greatly improve work efficiency , making use of magnesium plate for corrosion to be welcomed .

Large format etching magnesium plate , layer by layer through up to four times the corrosion can form rich layers , fine lines , shades , clear deep embossed stripes template used in wine packaging , moon cake boxes, gift boxes , cosmetics, front and back covers of books and other thick paper concave strike deep embossed and gilt .

Refractive corrosion of magnesium plate embossed texture , can nitric acid at 5 degrees , with a scrubbing brush out directly , corrosion is fast, simple operation, saving it again into the etching machine corrosion process.
In particular, while using more than one piece of film after exposure , a corrosion out , clear lines , rich layers , saving time back glue , spray , exposure, corrosion process of magnesium plate. Saving labor and time.
3,000 tons of magnesium plate after rolling cold rolling mill and rolling mill 2,500 tons , and tempering treatment, uniform thickness, thickness tolerance is extremely small, basically no anisotropy magnesium plate , eliminating the stress of the plate. Also etched magnesium plate yield strength reaches 200MPa or more, stronger than the stiffness , so regardless of sticky board after stamping , embossing process, or after a period of time from the board and then use , if operating properly, Galaxy etched magnesium plate will not produce edge tilt, middle muster , layout distortions deformation phenomena .
In the pictures , couplets, the word blessing , invitations and other products industry, the speed and efficiency of stamping , determines the cost of the product , generating a huge amount of production scale . Etched magnesium plate because it has a fast heat , deformation resistance and the high rate of significant advantages India , and more and more uses .

In Disu, leather embossing , high frequency mold , heat transfer , clothing trademark and Logo, self-adhesive die cutter, shoe mold , conference ID , identification numbers , medals , nameplates , product trademarks , badges, braille instruction signs and other products , abroad are also widely used to produce a magnesium plate etching .
Specific gravity is 1.738 Magnesium internal hexagonal lattice structure , which is the proportion of copper is 1/ 5 , a zinc / 4 . Etched magnesium plate in the transport, sticky boards installed , preservation , etc., due to the small mass , light weight , great advantage.
Heat capacity smaller than magnesium , heating, cooling quickly, the actual stamping process can be etched magnesium plate in a limited time, by way of conduction , the heat transfer out quickly , so that bronzing better and brighter ; Further, after completion of a stamping , etching magnesium plate is heat conduction out large , the temperature will be decreased, the volume expansion will shrink slightly , so as not to produce significant expansion and deformation ; while the copper is heated , heat slowly , the larger the volume expansion , softening the edge , which is a significant advantage of the copper plate relatively magnesium plate . Etched magnesium plate of linear thermal expansion is 26 , copper is 17.5 , zinc plate is 36.
Etched magnesium plate (AZ31b material ) Brinell hardness value is 110, the brass plate (H59) 95 , zinc plate is 49. The surface hardness of magnesium plate is 2 times zinc plate , and significantly higher than the brass plate hardness. If the corrosion of the magnesium AZ80 sheet material , the surface hardness of 140 Brinell .

As a result of etching the magnesium plate is completely crushed and sufficiently purified to 5 micron size ( 99% ) of the magnesium alloy sheet material inside the component uniform, stable , free of defects. Nitric acid solution , the plate can be uniformly magnesium , uniform etching .
In the magnesium plate etching machine , due to the reaction of magnesium plate etched with nitric acid is relatively intense , fast and emit a lot of heat , accompanied by yellow gases. Yellow gases are nitrogen oxides , attention to corrosion inside the exhaust . Fast temperature rise inside the machine , heat is generated during the reaction plate and the magnesium nitrate , can not be discharged in time , the process is effective to increase the cooling capacity of the cooling device , or based on experience , the initial temperature lower discretion .
Galaxy etched magnesium plate , after being nitric acid etching , the surface can generate a dense continuous layer of oxide , the reaction was continued prevent internal magnesium metal . As the material of the purification is good , the exposed surface of the magnesium plate substantially no residue point ( point slag primary battery reaction occurs , further corrosion magnesium plate ) , placed in the air for a long time , the corrosion does not occur.

Further , the etching in the use of magnesium plate mold , not gradually darken , darken the surface of powder will not fall , because it is free of impurities within the material , components are stable, homogeneous , very stable oxide on the surface to protect the layer is not destroyed.
Galaxy etched magnesium plate corrosion rate is 7 minutes 1 mm depth. With the increase in the corrosion of magnesium plate , the effect of corrosion of the solution will gradually decrease , the reaction rate will slow down. At this time, should be based on the situation and experience appropriate to add a small amount of nitric acid and additives .

Etched magnesium plate , good corrosion depth , the fastest 40 minutes can corrode 8 mm depth and shoulders smooth , no glitches phenomenon , the slope is smooth , uniform, continuous , non-hierarchical and bottom corrosion depth uneven .
Preparation of high-performance wrought magnesium plate metal material field in today's world of cutting-edge topics , countries have invested enormous power to develop preparation techniques wrought magnesium plate. It determines the properties of the magnesium desire the advantages of its complexity, and the material preparation process energy sector .

Low frequency electromagnetic semi-continuous casting technology , to prepare magnesium alloy billets , to ensure etch back process for preparing a magnesium plate , with excellent material properties. The basic principle of the electromagnetic frequency is: a molten magnesium alloy melt in the graphite ring, at a low frequency alternating electromagnetic action of magnetic field lines , and rotating the roll so that the gas is discharged , grain refinement, the outer layer of the impurities is discharged , not of dendritic branches formation , composition not segregation , until cool shape, grain no longer grow . Highlight the advantages of low frequency electromagnetic magnesium alloy materials are : Material inclusion rate of less than 1 /10000 ; equiaxed fine and uniform ; without casting defects and segregation.

Etched magnesium plate, the slab preparation , multi-pass rolling , leveling , tempered , polished , PS plastic and corrosion back paint and coating procedures , the final system.



Al: 2.5-3.5%; Zn: 0.7-1.3%; Mn: 0.20 – 1.0%; Mg: Balance



Density: 1.78

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 26.8 x 10-6K-1

Specific heat: 1040 Jkg-1k-1

Thermal conductivity: 76.9Wm-1k-1

Electrical resistivity: 92nΩm

Modulus of elasticity: 45 x 109Pa

Poissons ratio: 0.35

Melting range: 566 - 632°C

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